Our Fees

Are you excited about the idea of working with us but worried about our fees?

We thought the easiest way of putting your mind at rest would be to run through the numbers with you – and to explain why sometimes we can't give you an accurate figure without talking first.

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Commercial Projects

If you're a business or a communityget in touch with us. We work on all sorts of different projects (workplaces, multi-unit housing, masterplans, shops, schools... the list goes on), and there are so many variables, so many possible scales and budgets, that all we can do at this stage is resort to cliches and ask 'How long is a piece of string?'.

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Residential Projects, over £250,000

If this is your home and your budget is over £250,000, we'd love to work with you from the very beginning to the very end (we love big, challenging and complex projects). This is what we call 'full architectural services', and our fees are between 8 and 15% of what the project costs to build.

So, for a £500,000 project, our fees for everything we do (that's everything from 'Setting the scene' to 'Enjoy!' in our Alternative Guide) would end up between £40,000 and £75,000.

The exact percentage depends on the complexity and the input you need, but once we know what's involved we'll be able to let you know where your project falls. We talk a little more about this in our FAQs so do have a look there, but really it's a question of getting in touch so that you can tell us more.

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Residential Projects, under £250,000

If this is your home and your budget is under £250,000 it may not be practical to get us on board for the whole hog. That's not because we don’t think that’s a lot of money – or because we don’t value your project – but because we have a minimum 'full-services' fee of £25,000. Since every project takes up a certain amount of headspace, time, energy, and emotion, the numbers just wouldn't add up.

But we're big believers in the value everyone can get from an architect, especially at the early stages. It really can be transformational, even for smaller projects, and we don't want anyone to miss out. Which is why we've come up with our Get Set Package.

How much?

The gist of it is that we get you as far as Planning Approval, setting you up for a successful project and a beautiful place to live. So, no matter what your budget, if you're a homeowner in West Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire, and if you value design and would love to work with us, read on...

We offer three levels – small, medium and large – each with a fixed fee.

Small £4,000 + VAT     

Small means something like this lovely little project, costing in the region of £50k to build. 

Medium £5,000 + VAT 

Medium means something like this one we made earlier, costing in the region of £100k to build.    

Large £6,000 + VAT

Large means something like this complete transformation, costing in the region of £150k to build. 

Getting started

The process is simple, before we start (this bit is free) you have a half-hour call on Zoom with us (book it here) to talk through your project, check we're a good fit, and confirm which size bracket you fall into.

This is equivalent to Setting the Scene in our Alternative RIBA Plan of work.

Once we have agreed to go forward, its a simple 3 stage process...

Design process stage one RIBA plan of works


You meet us face to face and show us round your home, and with our help you commission a measured survey. We will write you a brief, put together our Contract for signing, and invoice you 50% up-front. Head to Kick-off to dig a bit deeper.
You will need to get a 'measured survey' done by a surveyor, so you should budget for around £1,000 - £2,000 on top of our fee. 
Princes Road Interior Architectural Extension


We meet again, back on Zoom, to explain our ideas through drawings and images, which we then email over for you to digest. If they don’t make you smile, we keep drawing until you do. See Taking shape for more on this.
With build costs being high at the moment, we understand that this might make you nervous. This could therefore be a good time to bring a Quantity Surveyor on board, who can check if the design meets your budget using leading industry price data. If the project bottom line needs 'value engineering', we can then incorporate this during step 3. You should budget for around £200 - £600 on top of our fee.
Architect design concept 3D model house extension


We will send you your draft Planning drawings, for your approval before incorporating any further comments. We will invoice you the remaining 50% before [y]our Planning application gets sent off. We keep in touch with the Planning Department to smooth its way towards approval*, and we keep you in the loop. We talk about all this in Getting Planning.
Our fee includes all expenses apart from planning application costs, and anything extra needed to in support of this, such as a bat survey or flood risk assessment. You should budget around £200 on top of our fee.

Now over to you...

With planning approval in the bag, you’re all set to start talking to builders.

We'd love to hear how things go and see photos of the end result. Keep in touch!

We’d love to hear from you if your mission fits with ours.

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